Benefits of Christ’s Ascension for the believer

“First it understands that the Lord by his ascent to heaven opened the way into the Heavenly Kingdom, which had been closed through Adam [John 14:3]…”
“Secondly, as faith recognizes, it is to our great benefit that Christ resides with the Father. For, having entered a sanctuary not made with hands, he appears before the Father’s face as our constant advocate and intercessor [Heb. 7:25; 9:11–12; Rom. 8:34]. Thus he turns the Father’s eyes to his own righteousness to avert his gaze from our sins…”
“Thirdly, faith comprehends his might, in which reposes our strength, power, wealth, and glorying against hell. “When he as cended into heaven he led a captivity captive” [Eph. 4:8, cf. Vg.; cf. Ps. 68:18], and despoiling his enemies, he enriched his own people, and daily lavishes spiritual riches upon them…”
Calvin’s Institutes 2.16.16


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