Bulletin – Week of November 5, 2017

Bulletin – Week of November 5, 2017

November 5, 2017

Glorifying God by Knowing, Living and Proclaiming our Hope in Christ


Glorious Day

Call to Worship: Apostles Creed

A Mighty Fortress

Our God is Greater

Your Great Name

Offering: General Fund


Mission Trip: Diane Button


Scripture: 1 John 2:18-27

Message: Warning Against Antichrists


In Christ Alone

Jesus Messiah



Sermon: Battling Sin by Abiding in Christ, 1 John 2:28-3:10

Greeters:  Don & Elaine

Cookies:  Alice e, Tricia r

Serving Assistants:  Clara, Amber, Faith

Ushers:  Don K, Ken

Prayer Room: Ev

Children & Worship: Jen, Amber

Children’s Sunday School: Jolene, Ida


Each week we pray for members of our church family. Suggested prayers are for their spiritual growth, opportunities to see Christ in their everyday lives, and anything else that God puts on your mind for them. This week please pray for:

Don & Darlys

David & Ida

Ruth S

Scott & Jen:  Ellie, Morgan, Bekah, Zeke, Caleb, Grace, Faith

A World Renew Disaster Response Services team is repairing homes in Rio Grande Valley, TX  that were flooded in May and October 2015. Pray for safety, good health and a meaningful experience with opportunities to touch and give hope to hurting people in this relief ministry. Jerry H and Bud and Lorraine B are serving with the team from October 28– November 18.

A note from Mike & Geralyn: Thank you for your prayers for mom. Her surgery went well, and she is recovering. All signs indicate that all the cancer was removed. She is quite tender due  to some nerve damage, which is healing slowly. I would also request prayer for a young man, E, who has been through very traumatic childhood. He came to work one day complaining of eye trouble. We have since helped him get to Vancouver twice for serious retinal surgery and a cataract removal. The doctors seem doubtful that any sight can be restored in his left eye. Can we pray together that as restoring sight to the blind is a particular specialty of the good Lord Jesus, that a miraculous provision of sight both physical and spiritual might be accomplished in his mighty name? Thank you!

Today is World Hunger Sunday:  Families living in poverty face many barriers. Lack of access to clean water, healthcare, and resources to generate income keep families in a cycle of poverty and hunger that impacts generation after generation. Through your participation in World Hunger Sunday those facing hunger and poverty are encouraged to learn ways to improve their lives and write a new story that is filled with hope and promise. If you would like to donate, go to https://worldrenew.net/worldhunger


There will be a Celebration of Life for Victor Johnson this Tuesday, Nov. 7th, at 2:00 pm in the Worship Center. You are invited to come to the service and to a time of fellowship which will follow.

Holiday Bazaar:  This year’s Holiday Bazaar will be taking place November 17 and 18 in the sanctuary.  Hours are 4-8 on Friday and 9-4 on Saturday.  If you are interested in having a table, please contact Rockelle.  If you are able to contribute baked goods to sell to benefit Hospitality or are able to work a shift at the bake sale, please contact Ruth.

Congregational Meeting, November 19:  Please plan to stay after the worship service  for the 2017 Congregational Meeting at 11:00.

Dunamis 2: “Cooperating with the Holy Spirit to Do the Work of Jesus Christ” is coming to Birchwood Church. In the first Dunamis course, we were introduced to the Holy Spirit. In this second course we will learn how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, using the tools that the Holy Spirit has provided, namely the gifts of the Spirit, to produce the fruit of the Spirit. If you did not attend the first Dunamis course, Gateways, last April, you are invited to experience the teaching in a condensed manner on Wednesday, Nov. 8, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. “In the Spirit’s Power” will begin Thursday, Nov. 9 and conclude on Saturday, Nov. 11. Classes will meet in the Chapel. To register, go to www.prmi.org, click Events, and scroll down the list to Nov 8/9 in Bellingham.

Deloris has received a Zaycon delivery.  If you are on the distribution list to receive chicken, please see her today.


The congregation of Hope in Christ Church has made the Spirit-filled decision to move forward and become a healthy missional church.

This week’s Missional Marker is: Fruitful Organizational Structures

(Exodus 18:13-26, Acts 6:1-7)

  • We can articulate a compelling, Christ-honoring vision for our church.
  • We embrace evaluation as normal and natural and work through conflict constructively.
  • Our organizational structures are designed to be efficient at making decisions while at the same time building congregational ownership for those decisions.


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