Update from Faye Hop

Update from Faye Hop

[title: Our DRS Tarboro Work Crew’s Update#1]

News from Tarboro: April 11, 2018

Good afternoon! The following is an update from Faye, who is working with the Brouwers and Laningas on a team with World Renew in N.C.

We had an uneventful flight here, and are well into our first week. We are doing well. The weather has been cool which has been nice for work. The weekend is supposed to be warmer, good for relaxing! Arlene Veenstra and two other cooks are keeping us fed with great food. Lee and his construction site partner Len are doing a good job of directing the work and switching up the teams as needed, to get the work done.

Our team is currently divided to work on 4 different houses. One of them is close to completion. The homeowner’s time is expiring on their FEMA trailer and they need to be in by Monday. The team there has been putting up towel bars, light fixtures, finishing some tile work, caulking, etc. Bud has been on that site, and today Lorraine joined that team to do some cleaning.

Lorraine had been working on the same team as Jerry installing some laminate flooring in a house while others were hanging cabinets and installing hot water heaters, etc., and yesterday they also got to demo a deck. We had a pleasant surprise and are working with Judy Koornneef’s sister, Janice. For those of you who might not know Judy, she was the wife of a former pastor. Jan and her husband Bruce are working on this site too.

Ali and I are working with one other lady, Grace, and are mudding, sanding and painting. Our house is probably the furthest from being finished. Our homeowner has until July 10 in her trailer. She hopes to stop by Friday so we are eager to talk with her. Apparently the water was up to the ceiling in her house.

The last house is the one Herm is working on. When they went there on Monday, they found that all the light switches and outlets were 100% wired incorrectly. Whoever had been taught that job did it perfectly wrong. Each connection had the black and white wires switched. They spent the day correcting that error.

I’ll try send another update in a week or so. We would all appreciate your prayers for our physical strength and health to continue and for opportunities to interact with our homeowners and to share our Joy in the Lord with them.


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