Bulletin – Week of October 14, 2018

Bulletin – Week of October 14, 2018

October 14, 2018

9:30 A.M. Worship Service


Welcome to Hope in Christ Church! We are so glad you have joined us today.  After the service, we invite you to stay for refreshments and fellowship,  followed by Sunday School at 11:00. There are various small groups that meet  during the week as well. You are welcome to visit and find one that is right for you!

Order of Worship

Who Paints the Skies

Open the Eyes of My Heart

Amazing Grace

Litany:  Psalm 118

Before the Throne of God Above

Beautiful Savior

Offering:  Kingdom Advancement Fund

Oh the Deep, Deep Love

Reflection on The Story  Clair A.


Scripture:  Matthew 27-28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 19-21

Message:  Walking to Emmaus

Speak, O Lord


Because of You

Bible Reading for this Week

Enclosed is a paper with questions for you to consider as you read through Chapter 28 of The Story this week. Pastor Scott’s sermon next Sunday, Oct. 21st, is titled “The Unstoppable First Disciples” and is based on scriptures found in Chapter 28. If you do not have a copy of The Story, please let Pastor Scott know today.


Each week we pray for members of our church family. Suggested prayers are for their spiritual growth, opportunities to see Christ in their everyday lives, and anything else that God puts on your mind for them.  This week please pray for:

  • Roland & Esther V        
  • Len & Terry V   
  • Don & Tena V
  • Ken & Elaine W         
  • Joe & Barb Z

World Renew Disaster Response Services: Pray for DRS as they are organizing to help U.S. Gulf Coast residents affected by Hurricane Michael. DRS regional managers are working with local officials and other organizations to begin planning for early assessments and clean up after the storm. You may give at worldrenew.net/michael, or call (800) 552-7972.

Pray for Christians in Iran: Rights groups learned last week that two Christians in Iran have been sentenced to prison, the latest in a series of convictions on fabricated charges.Saheb Fadaei, already serving a 10-year prison sentence in Tehran, and Fatimeh Bakherti, both converts from Islam, were sentenced on Sept. 22 to 18 months and 12 months respectively for “spreading propaganda against the regime,” a common charge, according to Miles Windsor, advocacy and development manager of Middle East Concern (MEC).October 12, 2018 Morning Star News

Christians in Turkey are Rejoicing: Andrew Brunson was released from prison and house arrest, and travel restrictions were lifted to allow his return to the United States.On Friday (12 October), Andrew attended the fourth hearing at a court in Aliaga, Izmir, in a trial in which he was accused of charges relating to terrorism and espionage. Despite several witnesses changing their previous testimony against him, Andrew was sentenced to five years in prison for intentionally aiding terrorist organisations, but this was reduced to three years and one month in prison, with the final year suspended. As he has been imprisoned since October 2016, he is now free and may leave Turkey if he wishes.

Christians in Turkey praise God for Andrew’s release and request prayer that:
a. the Lord will continue to strengthen Andrew as he recovers from this ordeal
b. he will soon be reunited with his family
c. Christians in Turkey would not be intimidated by this case but would maintain a clear witness   chirstianresponse.org/news

Sunday School Memory Verses

Wonder Class— Genesis 9:12-13    Dive Class— Psalm 23    Marvel Class— Psalm 51:10-12


The Story Cards for Children: Children are invited to take a story card home with them today. The cards correspond to the chapter of The Story that we are covering each week. Look for the card box at the back of the sanctuary every Sunday.

Congregational meeting:  There will be a pre-budget meeting on October 17th at 7:00 p.m. in the worship center foyer. This will be your opportunity to hear about the budget and offer feedback.

Special offering for GEMS: Once a year we are asked to have an offering to help support the GEMS program. This year the deacons have chosen Oct. 21st, which is also our normal Sunday to support our outreach programs. The offering will be collected as usual for the outreach fund, with the designated checks and loose cash and coins being designated for outreach. We will then take up a second collection on behalf of GEMS.

Men’s Bible Study: The Men’s Thursday evening Bible study and fellowship begins October 18th. All men are welcome to come to an enjoyable, weekly Bible study and fellowship time on Thursdays from 7:00—9:00 p.m. in the administration building on the first floor. This is a friendly group who would love to welcome you! Questions?

SERVANTS NEXT SUNDAY, October 21st, 2018

  • Greeters:  Lou & Ev K
  • Cookies:  Marilyn K, Melissa K
  • Serving Assistants: Grace, Mattea, Michal
  • Ushers:  Joe P (foyer), Deloris P
  • Prayer Room:  Denise D
  • Sunday School:  Aaron, Jolene, Jenn B, Jen R, Ali, Rockelle (observer)


The congregation of Hope in Christ Church has made the Spirit-filled decision to move forward and become a healthy missional church.  This week’s marker is:

Culture of Godly Leadership (Hebrews 13:7)

  • Our leaders at all levels serve with character, competence, and conviction.
  • A spirit of collegiality pervades, with our people trusting our leaders and our leaders trusting our people.
  • We continually identify and train godly leaders for all dimensions of our ministry.






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