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Preparing our Hearts to Worship


In an effort to help you prepare for the April 28, 2019, Sunday morning corporate worship gathering and to aid you in your own reflections on What God wants us to Believe, Do, and Become. I wanted to pose a few questions and provide a few resources to prayerfully consider over the coming days. Our sermon is entitled, “Biblical Community”. The main Scriptures for the day are the “one another’s” in the New Testament.

(Pick and choose from the many resources and options, which I have tried to make available for your devotional life.)


From the Scriptures


Please read through Chapter 16 of Believe this week, this is an edited selection of Scriptures from the NIV that seeks to show how certain beliefs, ways of living and character qualities are elaborated upon throughout all of Scripture.

You may also like to read and reflect upon all the New Testament Passages that speak about ‘one another’. A list of these references is included below:

Matt. 24:10; Mark 4:41; 8:16; 9:34, 50; 11:31; 12:7, 28; 15:31; 16:3; Luke 2:15; 4:36; 6:11; 7:32; 8:25; 12:1; 20:5; 22:23; John 4:33; 5:44; 7:35; 11:56; 12:19; 13:22, 34–35; 15:12, 17; 16:17; 19:24; Acts 2:12; 4:15; 19:38; 21:6; 26:31; 28:4; Rom. 1:27; 12:10, 16; 14:13; 15:5, 7, 14; 16:16; 1 Cor. 6:7; 7:5; 11:33; 12:25; 16:20; 2 Cor. 10:12; 13:11–12; Gal. 5:13, 15, 26; Eph. 4:2, 32; 5:19, 21; Col. 3:9, 13, 16; 1 Th. 3:12; 4:9, 18; 5:11, 15; 2 Th. 1:3; Titus 3:3; Heb. 3:13; 10:24–25; James 4:11; 5:9, 16; 1 Pet. 1:22; 4:8–10; 5:5, 14; 1 John 1:7; 3:11, 23; 4:7, 11–12; 2 John 1:5; Rev. 6:4.


From the Creeds and Confessions


 Heidelberg Catechism Q107

 Q107. But is it enough that we do not kill our neighbor in any such way?

No; for when God forbids envy, hatred, and anger, he commands us to love our neighbor as ourselves: to show patience, peace, meekness, mercy, and all kindness towards him, prevent his hurt as much as in us lies, and do good even to our enemies.

Heidelberg Catechism Q109

Q109. Does God in this commandment forbid nothing more than adultery and such like gross sins?

Since our body and soul are both temples of the Holy Spirit, it is his will that we keep both pure and holy; wherefore he forbids all unchaste actions, gestures, words, thoughts, desires, and whatever may entice one thereto.

Heidelberg Catechism Q112

Q112. What is required in the ninth commandment?

That I bear false witness against no man; wrest no one’s words; be no backbiter or slanderer; do not judge, or join in condemning, any man rashly or unheard; but that I avoid all sorts of lies and deceit as the proper works of the devil, unless I would bring down upon myself the heavy wrath of God; likewise, that in judicial and all other dealings I love the truth, speak it up rightly, and confess it; and that, as much as I am able, I defend and promote the honor and reputation of my neighbor.

Westminster Confession Chapter 26.2

Saints by profession are bound to maintain a holy fellowship and communion in the worship of God, and in performing such other spiritual services as tend to their mutual edification; as also in relieving each other in outward things, according to their several abilities and necessities. Which communion, as God offers opportunity, is to be extended unto all those who, in every place, call upon the name of the Lord Jesus.


From the songs, hymns and spiritual songs of the Church


Make us One (Jesus Culture): Lyrics, Video

Build Your Kingdom Here (Rend Collective): Lyrics, Video

Bind us together: Lyrics, Video

Together (Hiebert): Lyrics

By our love (Nockels): Lyrics, Video


For Thoughtful Reflection, Prayer, or further Study


Read and reflect upon Desiring God’s You are Welcome Here

Read and reflect upon this Navigators article entitled The Importance of Living in Biblical Community

Read and reflect upon Our Daily Bread’s Building Community


The Sermon will be available online on April 28, 2019 at 12:30 pm.


Disclaimer: Reference to a particular article or website does not constitute endorsement or agreement with everything in that article or on that website


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