Dr. Scott Swain on Streaming the Lord’s Supper

Dr. Scott Swain on Streaming the Lord’s Supper

Though I disagree with his short answer that the Lord’s Supper should not be streamed, I do however believe that Dr. Swain brings up a number of worthy things that we can and should consider.  My reasons for disagreeing are differences in perspective on what it means to be the gathered body.  I believe that God’s people are gathered during this Covid-19 reality even when they are not in the same physical space.  For many of our people, their health concerns should not keep them from participating in the supper.  We make arrangements for individual administration for the sick and elderly at other times, why not for those staying home during this situation?  I believe we need to carefully consider why we are staying home and if we are truly at any more risk of going to church than going to shop for groceries and we should as much as possible make every attempt to gather in person with the Church.  But in this unique situation, if streaming is available and we are not able to leave our homes, then we ought to invite people to participate together in the Lord’s Supper.

Please watch the 4 minute video and learn from some of the other great points Dr. Swain makes.


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