Four Approaches to Race, Politics, and Gender

Four Approaches to Race, Politics, and Gender

Kevin DeYoung had a great way of looking at race, politics and gender in a way that may be more gracious than some of the other approaches of pigeon holing those we disagree with.  Highly encourage the read.  To whet your appetite, here is a sample table from his article using his four types of people and applying it to certain issues.

Table 2 (Politics and Gender)

Trump Christian Nationalism Wearing Masks Sexual Abuse Gender Roles
Contrite No! The church’s allegiance to Trump is the clearest sign of its spiritual bankruptcy. One of the biggest problems in our day, a dangerous ideology at home in most conservative white churches I feel unsafe and uncared for when masks aren’t worn—besides Covid affects minority communities worse than others It’s about time the church owned this scandal, believes victims, and calls out perpetrators and their friends The problem is toxic masculinity and unbiblical stereotypes
Compassionate A matter of Christian liberty, but there are good reasons to criticize Trump Too many Christians are letting their politics shape their religion It’s one small but important way to love your neighbor Sympathize with victims, vow to do better Traditional views are good, but many dangers come from our own mistakes
Careful A matter of Christian liberty, but there are good reasons someone might have voted for Trump Christian symbols and rhetoric supporting insurrection is bad, but the term itself needs more definition. Probably overblown and a bit frustrating, but let’s just get through this Each case and each accusation should be looked at on its own merits We need a strong, joyful celebration of biblical manhood and womanhood
Courageous Yes! He’s not perfect, but he stood up to the anti-God agenda of the left. A new label meant to smear Christians who want to see our country adhere to biblical principles A sign of the government encroaching on our liberties A real tragedy, but so is demonizing good people The problem is feminism and emasculated men

Why Reformed Evangelicalism Has Splintered: Four Approaches to Race, Politics, and Gender


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