Critical Theory vs Christianity

Critical Theory vs Christianity

Excerpt from
“Critical Theory”
by Paula Rodriguez

What are human beings?

Christianity: Human beings are created in the image of a good and loving Creator

Critical Theory: We are members of social groups locked in a struggle for power.

What is necessary to change the world?

Christianity: God sent Jesus Christ to die on a cross and to be raised from the dead to rescue us from our sin.

Critical Theory: We must free oppressed groups from oppression.

How do we know what is true?

Christianity: “As Christians, we believe that we obtain knowledge by using reason to understand God’s revelation in nature and in Scripture.”

Critical Theory: Members of oppressor groups are blinded by their privilege and members of oppressed groups have special access to truth that should not be challenged.

Source: For Those in Peril, “Critical Theory” (pp. 89-104) by Paula Rodriguez, former Communications Dept. Chair, Hinds Community College, author of Westminster Shorter Catechism Bible Study and Commentary.


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