Books on Prayer

The Practice of the Presence of God

20+ years ago, this was the first book I ever read on prayer. It was given to me before heading to the mission field in Zambia.  Brother Lawrence challenged me to make every moment of every day a prayer to God and a striving to stay in conscious contact with the Lord of Glory.  i have read it many times since and always been encouraged, challenged and uplifted.

Pray the Word for your Church

This book contains 30 scripture packed prayers to pray for your church and your own life.  They are well written, filled with the Word of God and have been a blessing to my own life as I pray one each day for myself, my family and my church.

Paul’s Intercessory Prayers

An academic study of prayer in the Pauline epistles.  When I was struggling to put a corporate dimension into my personal prayer life, this book helped me to see how significant Paul’s prayers for the church were and why we need to be praying together for the body.

Release the Power of Prayer

George Müller’s story and the countless ways this man of God prayed and saw the Lord answer him are an inspiration.

The Kneeling Christian

A classic of intercessory prayer that defines prayer and gives you concrete examples from the Bible and the world about how to pray.

The Autobiography of George Muller

For those wanting even more of George Müller, this will not disappoint you and it will encourage you to pray more broadly and more consistently for the hand of God in your life and ministry.

A Praying Life

Paul Miller’s writings are down to earth and applicable.  He is one of the modern writers that has most encouraged me to keep on praying.

The Puritans on Prayer

John Preston, Nathaniel Vincent and Samuel Lee will challenge you with a number of points on the need to wed private and corporate prayer.  I thought the book was such a blessing that I divided it up into a series of readings to give to my own children to read for enhancing their devotional time.

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