Omak DRS Mission Trip 2016

June 13-17 Hope in Christ took 31 volunteers from our congregation to help rebuild the community in the wake of the last 2 years worth of devastating fires.  Our team worked in 4 areas:


  1. A group of women helped out with a community group running a week long garage sale to get rid
    of unneeded immediate disaster supplies that were sent over last summer.  Much of the materials were needed but as people moved on and began rebuilding their lives, these immediate need items, like soap, shampoo, clothes, have take a second row to the rebuilding needs of the community.
  2. 5 volunteers caulked and painted a home after it was dried in.
  3. 15 folks worked on 3 different sites repairing and rebuilding fences to keep cattle in range land and out of private property.  In total, we estimate that about 4 miles of fencing was removed and repaired by our teams.
  4. 5 wonderful women cooked meals for each each day.

As pictures come across my desk, i will add them to this post.  In the meanwhile, we are scheduled to give a report on July 10 after the morning service.omak 2016Omak 2016omak 2016P1000864Omak 2016Omak 2016

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