01 Luke 18:1-8 Pray and don’t lose heart

Sermon Outline

Growing weary in prayer

The Parable Proper (Lk 18:2-5)

      1. The Judge (Lk 18:2)
        1. Francois Bovon notes “He disobeyed the two most important commandments”
        2. What kind of hope would you have living in a city like that?
      2. The Widow (Lk 18-3)
        1. Frequently they are categorized with orphans and aliens by the prophets – people that are lacking other to care for them, protect them, keep them from being taken advantage of.
        2. We are told this woman kept coming and crying
      3. The Answer (Lk 18:4-5)
        1. Justice prevails b/c the judge cares about himself, his comfort, and his concern for his own life and situation.
        2. Jesus wants us to pay attention to the reasoning of the unrighteous judge (Lk 18:6)

Persevering Prayer (Lk 18:1)

      1. Jesus has set up a parable where
        1. We, Christians, are like the widow
        2. And God is like the unrighteous judge.
      2. Furthermore, Jesus has told us that the point of the parable is to encourage us to pray always and not lose heart.
      3. Does that parable encourage you to pray always and not lose heart?
      4. Is God really like the unrighteous judge? (Rom 8:29, 1Jn 4:8, Ex 34:6
      5. We are called to persevere in prayer because we are in a battle (Dan 10:12-13, Eph 6:12)
      6. We are called to persevere in prayer because it displays our faith (Lk 18:8)
      7. Persevering Prayer is not vain repetition
      8. Persevering Prayer is the anticipation that God’s Kingdom is coming (Lk 17:20-18:8)


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