Seek the Welfare of the city where you live (Jer 29:1-9)

Sermon Outline

A Review of our series on the Bible and Politics

Jeremiah’s counsel to the Exiles

    1. God wanted to transform Babylon and provide for his people by having them benefit the land in which they lived (Jer 29:5-7)
    2. Seek the welfare of the city

Bringing it forward

    1. We are a people called to serve, not to be served (Mk 10:42-45)
      1. Our political participation must be one of seeking to benefit all people
    2. We must communicate with our officials (Acts 24:24-25)
    3. We must pray for our governments (Jer 29:7, 1Tim 2:1-3)
    4. We are a people who must work for a better future by exerting ourselves today (Jer 29:5)
    5. We live in this world but our hope isn’t in this world (1Pt 2:9-10, Jn 18:36)
      1. We don’t hope in political messiahs for there is only one who saves (Heb 12:28-29, Isa 9:6-7).


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