01 The Covenant of Redemption (Eph 1:4, 2Tim 1:9, Ps 2:5-9)

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Sermon outline

What was God doing before the creation of the world?

    1. Augustine’s answer (Rev 21:8)
    2. Westminster Confession of Faith 8.1
    3. The Covenant of Redemption, i.e. pactum salutis.

Is there Scriptural Support for this idea (Pactum Salutis)?

    1. Ephesians 1:4 & John 17:1-2, 6
    2. 1:8-10 & Acts 2:23

Why is it called the Covenant of Redemption?

    1. Louis Berkhof describes the covenant of redemption (Systematic Theology, 271).
    2. What is a Covenant?
    3. Who are the parties of this covenant (Lk 22:28-30)
    4. What was the agreement made in the covenant (Ps 2:5-9)
    5. What does Redemption imply?

Why does any of this matter? (Wilhelmus à Brakel’s Christians Reasonable Service, p261-265)

    1. Firstly – Redemption wasn’t an afterthought, a plan B. (Eph 1:10, Col 1:17-20)
    2. Secondly – It guarantees that your salvation is secure (Ps 115:1)
    3. Thirdly – It reveals the unconditional Love of God (1 John 4:19).

Conclusion: Where does salvation begin? (Rev 13:8)



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