06 John 2;13-22 The Resurrected Temple

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Sermon Outline


  1. Imagine Yourself in Jerusalem for Passover
    1. The crowds of people
    2. Why are they all coming? What is Passover about? (Exo 11-13, Jn 2:12-13)
  2. What does Jesus find? (Jn 2:14)
    1. He should have found piety, worship, prayer…
    2. What he found was quite the opposite.
    3. And all of this in the one place the nations could come to worship.
  3. How does Jesus respond? (Jn 2:15-16)
    1. Jesus makes a whip
    2. Drives them out of the Temple
      1. Worship isn’t about getting the right product.
      2. Jesus wants people to be able to worship freely, without distraction.
      3. The Temple, My Father’s House, This temple
        1. There are three different terms/phrases used to refer to the temple in this story
        2. They want a sign: (Jn 2:18)
          1. Prove to us that you have the authority to do this, you aren’t a priest. Why are you trying to clean up our space?
          2. Almost as if they are asking “Who are you to do this in our temple?”
        3. The Great Sign (Jn 2:19)
          1. Not about a physical building.
          2. He was talking about his own life, the true temple of God
          3. Jesus is the one who situates worship in terms of true sacrifice and true temples (Jn 1:29, Rev 21:22)
  4. Why is this called the Cleansing of the Temple?
    1. Jesus eclipses the structure for his Body
    2. Jesus will cleanse his people into a new Temple (1Cor 6:19-20)


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