05 John 2:1-12 The Wedding at Cana

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Sermon Outline

  1. Kings are powerful and can bring great blessing or be a terror.
  2. The King comes to a wedding
    1. Jesus is the Lamb and the King (Jn 1:29, 49)
    2. Jewish Weddings
    3. Wine is a symbol for joy, blessing, bounty… (Ps 104:15, Isa 55:1, Judg 9:13)
  3. The Unthinkable Happens: No more Wine (Jn 2:3)
  4. Jesus’ response
    1. Woman, What does this have to do with me? (Jn 2:4a, Jn 19:26-27)
    2. My Hour has not yet come (Jn 2:4b, 12:23, 17:1)
    3. Mary’s faith (Jn 2:5)
    4. Jesus’ actions
      1. 6 giant jars for purification (Jn 2:6)
      2. Jesus commands them to be filled and then to take some out and deliver it to the MC (Jn 2:7-8)
        1. Jesus doesn’t reveal his plan to anyone. Just step by step he gives instructions, the servants are expected to listen and do and as a result, the plan of God unfolds, the gift is given and joy flourishes!
        2. We don’t know when the miracle happened.
        3. But what we do know is that Jesus acted in such a way that the best wine ever was present at the wedding in Cana.
    5. The Wine of God (Jn 2:10, Rev 19:6-9)
      1. If the bride and groom are a picture of Christ and his marriage to the Bride
      2. If the wine is a picture of joy
      3. Then we learn that the greatest joy comes from having Jesus acting in our lives
      4. Jesus can take the things that lack in our life and transform them into the joys of celebration
      5. The best is yet to come!


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