11 Isaiah 26 Waiting for God

11 Isaiah 26 Waiting for God

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Sermon outline


Who likes to wait?

      1. We want life now.
      2. Isaiah 24-27 is known as “the Little Apocalypse”
      3. Waiting until that day (Isa 26:8-9,16,20)

2 Reasons: Why must God’s people wait for the Lord?

      1. World is broken awaiting judgment (v5)
      2. Even the righteous can change things (Isa 26:16-18)
      3. What God establishes will not be shaken but will endure. (Isa 26:1,4)

When God’s people are willing to wait upon God:

      1. Then they are trusting in the Lord
      2. They will suffer with all the rest, yet they will have peace (Is 26:3,19, 2Cor 5:1, Rom 8:35-39)
      3. They will Pray (Isa 26:20)
      4. They will recognize that Waiting is Worship

When will our waiting end?

      1. The First Coming
        1. Our initial waiting came to an end, this is the last days (Heb 1:2, Act 2:17, Jam 5:3)
        2. In Jesus there is salvation (1Th 5:9)
        3. In Jesus humility defeats pride (Phil 2)
        4. In Jesus peace comes to the waiting (Jn 14:27)
        5. In Jesus is security (Jn 10:28)
        6. In Jesus we find the path of righteousness (Jn 14:6, 1Cor 1:30)
      2. The Second coming of Jesus
        1. Then the Kingdom will obliterate every competitor
        2. Then dead will rise
      3. Never stop waiting, longing, hoping for the coming of God.


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