12 Isaiah 27:2-13 Judgment, Repentance and Worship

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Sermon outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Opening Illustration
    2. 3 Movement Structure of the Passage
  2. God’s care and tending of His Garden (Isa 27:2-5)
    1. The first movement and the last begin with the phrase “In that day”
      1. This is a phrase meant to draw people into the eschatological future
      2. It denotes the time when God comes at the end of time
      3. Notice what will happen at that time
    2. God will sing over his people (Isa 27:2, Zeph 3:17)
      1. He will also declare his care for his people (Isa 27:3, Jn 15:1, Gen 24:24, 29, Exo 17:6, Isa 41:17-18, Jn 4:14, Rev 21:6))
      2. All his actions come from love not wrath, care not anger (Isa 27:4-5)
  3. God’s judgment is meant to produce repentance from Idolatry (Isa 27:6-11)
    1. This section begins differently
      1. The timing is different, and
      2. The difference highlights the section for Isaiah’s audience
    2. The Content of the prophecies
      1. Jacob and Israel will have a global footprint (Isa 27:6)
      2. Discipline will occur (Isa 27:7-8, 10-11)
        1. First – God will strike his people, but not like he strikes his enemies.
        2. Second – God disciplines because his people are without discernment (v11)
        3. Third – the fruit God desires is the removal of idolatry (Isa 27:9)
        4. Application: Our salvation is meant to produce in us an aversion to false gods (Mt 6:24)
  4. God will draw worshippers back into his presence (Isa 27:12-13)
  5. Conclusion
    1. God is the worker all through this song, redeeming his people
    2. How should we respond?


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