13 John 5:16-24 Unpacking the Work of Jesus

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Sermon Outline



  1. Judging is hard work
  2. First Work of Jesus: Partner in the Father’s Work (Jn 5:16-17)
    1. What is God’s work on the Sabbath?
    2. 3 Revolutionary statements by Jesus
      1. Jesus is my Father (Jn 3:16-18, 2:16, 5:18)
      2. My Father has a ministry of healing: reconciling, redeeming, restoring, healing.
      3. Third, most troubling to the Jews was the Idea that Jesus could and was doing this same work his dad was about.
        1. Jesus was a sabbath breaker and a blasphemer in their mind and the Law of God stipulated death for both violations (Ex 31:14-15, Lev 24:16)
        2. Jesus is saying I am doing my Father’s business and you must honor me or fall under judgment.
  3. 5th Truly Truly Statement about Being the Obedient Son
    1. That truth is this: The Son is obedient and an exact representation of the Father to us! (Jn 5:19)
    2. Where the Jews charge him with trying to make himself God
    3. John 5:20
      1. The Son has the job of receiving the love of his father
      2. The Son has the job of paying attn to what the Father’s universal plan entails and doing it.
      3. Love here is phileo. Love of a brother or friend. (Exo 33:11, Jam 2:23, Gen 18)
  4. Greater works –
    1. Story of Lazarus (Jn 11)
    2. The greater work of redemption precipitated the Father exhibiting his power of death. (Jn 5:21)
  5. Greater works also involve judging & Judgment (Jn 5:22)
    1. All means all.
    2. Jesus’ judgments extend in all the earth (1Chr 16:14);
    3. Jesus will judge and is judging rulers and mighty (Job 21:22).
    4. He is righteous in his judgment (Ps 7:11, 50:6, 75:7).
    5. Nothing escapes his judgment (Eccl 12:14).
    6. He judges his own people (Ezek 18:30) and the nations (Ezek 28:22, 26).
    7. The doers of Evil are judged by Him (Rom 2:2).
    8. Angels and demons (2Pt 2:4).
    9. For he alone has the See Rom 11:33 for the resources God has to judge.
    10. This very message of Jesus as the cosmic judge is preached by Peter and Paul (Acts 10:42, 2Tim 4:1)
  6. What’s the Point?
    1. To bring people to a place of honor and reverence for Jesus (Jn 5:23-24)
    2. To conform to his life, just as his life conforms to the Father’s.
    3. One cannot claim to be one of God’s kids if one also doesn’t honor Jesus Christ.
    4. So as we go into the world this week: Lets
      1. Make time to know and relate to the Son.
      2. Act upon your growing knowledge and intimacy with Jesus.
      3. Trust in the judgments of Christ
      4. Finally –remember there is no condemnation for those in Christ (Rom 8:1, Eph 4:24).



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