14  Four Witnesses to Jesus (Jn 5:30-47)

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Sermon Outline

  1. Witnesses are important
    1. In Court,
    2. Why is this,
    3. In Judaism (Dt 17:6)
  2. Context
    1. The Father and the Son are unified and mutually dependent (Jn 5:30)
    2. What is the will of God? (Jn 6:39)
    3. Who is Jesus talking to? (Jn 5:18)
    4. Who are God’s people? (Jn 5:25, 28-29)
  3. 4 witnesses
    1. John the Baptist (Jn 5:31-35, 1:19-23)
    2. Works of God Jesus accomplishes (Jn 5:36)
    3. Heavenly Father himself via the Word of God (Jn 5:37-41)
      1. Some come to scripture as though it is an end in itself
      2. Scripture exists to point us to Jesus (Jn 5:41-44)
    4. Moses
      1. The final witness to the Jews specifically, though all benefit from him is Moses.
      2. Moses wrote about Christ (Jn 5:46-47)
  4. Conclusion


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