14 How are your eyes? (Matthew 6:19-33)

Sermon Outline


14 Singleminded – How are your eyes?

Matthew 6:19-34 & Hebrews 12:1-2


  1. How are your eyes?
  2. What do you value? (Mt 6:19-21)
    1. Jesus lays out two contrasting values in verses 19-21:
      1. Earthly treasures and Heavenly ones.
      2. Treasure refers to a number of things (Mt 2:11, 12:35, 19:21, Isa 51:8)
    2. Earthly Values (Mt 6:19-20)
    3. God values: Himself, Word, Purposes, His People
      1. Almsgiving or charity is a way of gaining heavenly treasure (Mt 19:21, 1Tim 6:17-19)
  3. What are you looking at? (Mt 6:22-23)
    1. What you value will occupy your speech, dreams, thoughts, plans.
    2. Healthy – word that means motivated by a singleness of purpose (Jam 1:5)
    3. Full of light – shining, radiant, bright. (Mt 17:5)
    4. Let me ask, are we a people looking for opportunities to be generous and to care for other people? (2Cor 8:13-15)
  4. What are you serving? (Mt 6:24)
  5. What you serve brings either anxiety or peace (Mt 6:25-33)
  6. Applications for those wanting to look at the Kingdom of God
    1. Need to slow down, know God and reflect on your life
    2. Need constant diet of the Word in order to know God’s priorities and what he values
    3. Need to Ask “How can I live today to know God more, to fulfill his plans, or to be dependent upon him?”
    4. Ask God to bless our alignment with his plan, instead of asking him to bless our plans.
    5. So what do you value? Who are you serving – God or yourself? How are your eyes?


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