17. Isa 44:9-22 Eating Ashes: The Folly of Idolatry

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Sermon outline

Foods that Don’t Satisfy

      1. There are some things that no matter how much of them one eats
      2. Why are we talking about this you may be thinking?
      3. Context (Isa 44)
        1. Israel is God’s chosen people (Isa 44:1-5)
        2. God alone is God, and there is none other like him (Isa 44:6-8),
        3. The folly of Idolatry (Isa 44:9-20)
        4. God is Israel’s redeemer (Isa 44:21-28)

Folly of Idolatry (Is 44:9-20)

      1. Begins with people (Isa 44:9a)
      2. Evidence of disordered desires (Isa 44:9b, 1Sam 12:21)
      3. Brings shame on those seeking idolatry (Isa 44:9c)
      4. Isaiah then asks a question (Isa 44:10-11)

Modern idolatry

      1. Buddhism, Hinduism
      2. What does idolatry look like in a technologically advanced society? What does it look like in a secular society?
        1. Idolatry is the elevation of the self
        2. Idolatry is spending more time than is appropriate fixated upon something less than God
      3. We are idolaters and it is folly.

God’s message to idolaters (Isa 44:21-22, 24)

      1. God reminds his people of who he is & who they are.
      2. God wants us to remember that idolatry is foolish, unsatisfying
      3. God wants us to remember that we are His servants
      4. God wants us to remember that He is our maker
      5. God wants us to remember that we are in his heart
      6. God wants us to remember that we are forgiven
      7. And So God invites us to return to him, through Christ, the gate to life


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