Ezekiel 36:22-27 The Gospel in Ezekiel

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Sermon outline

Where do you find the gospel in the Bible?

      1. Is it only in the 4 stories about Jesus – MT, MK, LK, JN?
      2. Is it in the epistles?
      3. Is the gospel in the OT?
      4. Ezek 35-36 are a unit

In the Gospel, God acts for his own renown, to display his glory and power (Eze 36:22, 32)

      1. The people of God have profaned God’s name
      2. How do we profane God’s name? (HC 99, WLC 113)
      3. God will protect his name and bring it back into awe among the peoples (Eze 36:23)

What will God do to display his holy Name?

      1. First – Regather his People from exile back to their land (Eze 36:24, Jn 11:52, Act 2:39, 1Cor 1:9, 24)
      2. Second, God will cleanse his people to display his powerful might (Eze 36:25-26, Num 19)
        1. The heart of stone includes impenitence (Rom 2:5) ignorance (Eph 4:18), Evil (Heb 3;12) and wandering (Heb 3:10)
        2. The heart of flesh includes having the law of God written internally (Rom 2:15, 29, 6:17)
        3. The NT parallel to this is found in Heb 10:22, Jn 13:8, 1Cor 6:11, Acts 2:38-39, 2Cor 3:3)
      3. Third – God gives his Spirit to enable faithfulness (Eze 36:27, 36, Lev 5;16, Phil 2:13, 1Th 4)
      4. This is the gospel


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