19 Isa 51:1-11 Salvation for the dead

19 Isa 51:1-11 Salvation for the dead

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Sermon outline

The Salvation of God comes to those who have nothing to offer (Isa 51:1-3)

      1. An invitation to seekers (v1)
      2. Consider what they have to offer (v1c-2, Gen 15:5-6, 26:5)
      3. But look what God does (v2-3)
        1. To Abraham he blesses and multiplies
        2. To all the others who are seeking
          1. He Comforts
          2. He Restores

The Salvation/righteousness of God is eternal and rooted in him (Isa 51:4-6)

The Righteous will be persecuted (Isa 51:7-8)

Where is the gospel in all of this?

    1. First – the gospel is clear in the call and work of God to declare people righteous.
    2. Second – The gospel is Jesus as the justice of God for a light to the peoples (Isa 51:4)


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