18 Isaiah 45:1-13 God, Cyrus, History, and Salvation

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Sermon outline

Have you ever wondered what kind of God we worship?

Cyrus, the anointed? (Isa 45:1)

      1. Some History
      2. His Anointed & His Shepherd (Isa 44:28)
      3. Anointed to be God’s Tool in the World
        1. God promises to grasp Cyrus’ hand
        2. God promises to subdue nations (Isa 45:1, 2, 5)
        3. God promises him the treasures of the world (Isa 45:3)
        4. How is this good news for the Jews? (2Chr 36:22-23, Ezra 1:1-8)
      4. God’s 3-fold purpose in exalting Cyrus
        1. Cyrus learns of God’s power (Isa 45:3)
        2. Israel might learn about God’s ways (Isa 45:4-5)
        3. The world might know about God (Isa 45:6)
      5. What God wants to reveal about himself
        1. I am the LORD (Isa 45:5)
        2. There is no other God (Isa 45:5-7)
        3. Practical Applications (Isa 45:9)

Cyrus and Jesus

      1. Like Cyrus, Jesus is given the world (Ps 2)
      2. Like Cyrus, Jesus loosed the belts of the enemy (Col 2:15, Lk 4:41, Rev 1:16, 19:15)
      3. Like Cyrus Jesus is called by name,
        1. Before his birth (Mt 1:21)
        2. At the start of his ministry (Lk 9:35)
      4. Like Cyrus, Jesus proclaims that the captives can go home (Lk 4:18)
      5. Like Cyrus, Jesus brings out the treasures of God and restores them to the people of God (Gal 5:22-23, Jn 3:16, 2Cor 4:6-7, Rom 12/1Cor 12)
      6. Like Cyrus, Jesus builds God’s city/temple (Eph 2:22, 4:16, Isa 45:13, Ezra 1)
      7. Like Cyrus Jesus exists to make the world know that God is God and there is no other. (Jn 14:9, Heb 1:3, Acts 6:7, 11:18, Rev 5:9)


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