1John 5:5-12 Our Victory in Christ


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Sermon Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. John begins with a question (1Jn 5:5)
    2. The world (1Jn 2:16-19)
    3. Overcome
    4. Except
    5. The One believing that Jesus is the Son of God.
      1. Believing denotes a walk with Jesus.
      2. A very special relationship to Jesus that is needed
  2. The Victory of Christ symbolized and testified to (1Jn 5:5-8)
    1. Why 3?
      1. In Jewish Jurisprudence, matters of weight must be established by 2 or 3 witnesses (Dt 17:6, 19:15)
      2. If men’s words can be trusted, how much more can God’s? (2SSam 7:28, Prov 30:5)
      3. These are in unity together
    2. What three?
      1. Spirit, Water and Blood
      2. The majority of commentators agree that water and blood are most likely references to Jesus’ baptism and crucifixion/resurrection.
      3. If you recall the baptism story in Matthew 3:13-17, John1:29-34
      4. The blood, refers to the sacrifice of Christ
      5. The Spirit was present at both (Rom 8:11)
    3. All three of these agree that Jesus is the overcomer, and if he is the conqueror, then we can overcome when we are in HIM!
  3. John then declares The Spirit is the Truth (1Jn 5:6)
  4. The Question – Do we believe God’s testimony? (1Jn 5:10-12)


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