1John 5:1-5 This is Love…


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Sermon Outline


  1. Introduction
  2. Regeneration is the precursor to real love (1John 5:1, 4:19)
  3. True love is God directed and obedient (1John 5:2, Mt 22:37, Exo 20:1-21)
    1. Not only is the love of others a commandment keeping love, but a love of God is commandment keeping. (1John 5:3)
      1. Antinomianism has no place in the Christian life
      2. Is the Law a Burden? (Mt 23:4)
        1. For the sinner God’s law is a burden but not for the reason you suspect
          1. It is a burden to them because…
        2. Confession releases the burden (1John 1:9)
    2. Through Faith there is victory over the world, flesh, and the devil. (1John 5:4, James 4:7)
  4. Conclusion
    1. And so we confess together from the words of the HC 114.
    2. And as we conclude today, we close thankful
      1. for the one who grants us new life
      2. For the one who accomplished what we could never do
      3. For the gift of the Spirit which indwells us and empowers us to keep the law
      4. For the victory we have in Jesus.


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