20 John 14:4-14 The Greater Work of Making the Father Known (Revised)

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Sermon outline

  1. Introduction and A Quick Sketch of Jn 14:1-11
    1. Believe in Father, Son and the Home they are making (Jn 14:1-3)
    2. How do we get to the Father’s House (Jn 14:4-5)
    3. Through Jesus (Jn 14:6)
    4. Show us the Father (Jn 14:8)
    5. Jesus is a faithful picture of the Father and his work (Jn 14:9-11)
  2. Evangelism and Revealing the Father
    1. We are part of the plan to make the Father known (Jn 14:12)
    2. The works of Jesus or the work of Jesus (Jn 14:12)
      1. Jesus’ works were geared toward a single purpose of making the Father Known
      2. Are you a Volunteer or a Christian servant?
    3. What are the Greater Works? (Jn 14:12)
      1. 4 attempts to answer that
      2. Are you open to the Father using you?
    4. How are these works accomplished? (Jn 14:13-14)
      1. Prayer is the Key!
      2. Evangelism proceeds through Prayer (2Cor 4:4)
    5. Two Caveats to powerful prayer
      1. What does ‘in my name’ mean?
      2. Whose Glory are you praying for?
  3. Conclusion



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