19 John 14:1-3 We await our room

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Sermon outline


  1. The way we interpret life has a way of troubling our hearts/spirits
  2. Jesus’ teaching (Jn 14:1)
    1. Context (Jn 13:38)
    2. Don’t let the trials, experiences, fires of life cause you to be stirred up!
      1. How often do each of us let the experiences of life, and our minds, trouble and shake us up?
    3. The Remedy for a run-away mind (Jn 14:1)
      1. Believe in God
        1. God’s character can be trusted (Mal 3:6, Heb 13:8, HC 26-28, Ex 34;6-7, Dt 6:4)
      2. Believe in Jesus
        1. The character of Jesus revealed in… (Jn 1, 4, 6:35, 7:38, 11:25-26, Mk 5:36)
      3. Trust the plan of God (Jn 14:2-3, Lk 15:20-23, 31)
        1. The Father’s house described (Rev 21:14ff, Eze 47-48, Mt 6:20, 6:33, Lk 14:12-14, Mt 20:1-6)


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