21 John 14:15-27 Do you know what it means to love Jesus?

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Sermon outline

  1. Getting things in the right order
    1. Sometimes the right order matters a lot
    2. Love and obedience, what is the right ordering of these for gospel living?
  2. Meaning of Love for Jesus
    1. Loving Jesus results in keeping his commands (Jn 14:15, 21a, 23ab, 24)
      1. If-then
      2. What does loving Jesus look like?
      3. When our love for Jesus grows then we will see these things happening in our life (HC 114)
        1. Our hearts will not be troubled (Jn 14:1, 1Jn 4:18)
        2. We will serve one another in humility (Jn 13:15)
        3. We will love others (Jn 13:34)
    2. Loving Jesus leads to rejoicing at his heavenly return (Jn 14:28)
  3. Promises to those who love Jesus
    1. The Spirit dwells with us and in us (Jn 14:16-17)
      1. And I will ask the Father:
        1. What Does the “and” coordinate with
        2. Why does it matter? (Acts 2:38-39)
      2. and he will give you another Helper to be with you forever:
        1. What Help does the Spirit bring? (Jn 14:26, 15:26, 16:8-11)
        2. The indwelling of the Spirit means
          1. We never separated from the love of God in Christ (Rom 8:38-39)
          2. The power of God to meet the trials of this life and the spiritual attacks (1Jn 4:4)
          3. The personal instruction of God (Jn 14:26)
    2. Father and Son also abide with us (Jn 14:23, Eph 2:22, Rom 8:31)
    3. Not orphans but in his grip (Jn 14:18)
    4. Loved by the Father (Jn 14:21)
      1. And the love of the father comes with assurance (Mt 3:17)
      2. There is the assurance that his love will carry us to the end (Jn 13:1)
      3. And the assurance that we are his children (1Jn 3:1)
      4. Being loved by God means we have access to all that is his (Jn 3:35)
      5. It comes with the certainty that we can trust him and his word (Dt 7:8)
    5. Loved by Jesus and Jesus reveals himself (Jn 14:21)
    6. Have Peace (Jn 14:27)
  4. Concluding applications


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