22 John 15:1-11 Abiding in the Vine

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Sermon outline

  1. Lessons from my Grapevine
    1. Grapevines take a lot of pruning
    2. Pruning takes discernment
    3. Pruning never stops
  2. The Vine and the Gardener
    1. Intro (Jn 15:1, Mt 21:40)
    2. Why is the Father pictured this way? (Jn 15:1)
    3. Why is Jesus Pictured as the true vine? (Jn 15:1)
    4. What does that make us? (Jn 15:2)
  3. Pruning and Cutting off (Jn 15:2, 6)
    1. Cutting –= Removing false believers like Judas from Church (Jn 15:6, Mt 13;39-49)
    2. Pruning –Removing parts of our life that don’t align and look like Jessu.
      1. An example –
      2. Sometimes the pruning comes from experiencing the effects of our own sin, or the sin of another.(Rom 5:3-5)
  4. What Kind of Fruit is the Father looking for? (Jn 15:7-8)
    1. Answered prayer is part of the fruit that God desires
    2. But it isn’t just any prayer you prayer.
    3. the fruit of the Spirit. (Gal 5:22-23)
    4. Mt 3:8 implies that a changed life, that flees sin and pursues righteousness is the fruit of repentance.
    5. Mt 12:31-34 makes our words the fruit of our life.
    6. Jn 4:36 tells us people ready to be reaped for conversion are fruit.
    7. Rom 6:22 tells us that fruit is sanctification leading to eternal life.
    8. Eph 5:9 tells us the fruit of light is what is good, right and true.
    9. Phil 1:11, Heb 12:11 refers to it as fruit of righteousness.
    10. Heb 13:15 speaks of the sacrifice of praise to God as fruit of lips acknowledging him.
    11. Isaiah 5 is a common // passages for understanding John 15.
  5. How is fruit produced? (Jn 15:4-5)
    1. Resting in Jesus (Jn 15:4)
    2. Keeping commandments (Jn 15:10)
  6. Joy is the result of a fruitful life (Jn 15:11)



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