32 John 19:1-42 The Crucifixion of Jesus – It is Finished!

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Sermon outline

It is finished!

My Human Life is finished.

      1. The life of suffering and pain that Jesus experienced as a human is finished.
      2. All the injustice Jesus experienced and saw in his days on earth were about to pass from his human eyes (Jn 18:38, 19:2-4, 19:6, 19:30)
      3. In this respect, many people can empathize.

The work the Father gave me to do is finished.

      1. God gave Jesus a series of things to do while he was in the world and These things have been completed.
      2. Jesus showed the world what true zeal for God looks like (Jn 2:17)
      3. Jesus testified to the evil of the world. (Jn 7:7, 8:11, Mt 23:4)
      4. Jesus revealed the Father to the world (Jn 14:9, 17:26, Ex 34:6)
      5. Jesus ushered in the Kingdom of God to the world

The rule of sin is finished.

      1. A Lamb who Takes away sins of the world (Jn 1:29, Heb 10:4, 10:11)
      2. But for the rule of sin to be finished, the life of God must be restored to humanity. (Jn 6:40)
      3. Right to be children of God (Jn 1:12)

It is finished!

      1. When Jesus uttered those final words on the cross, I bet he was thinking all these things and more.
      2. It is no wonder he was able to give us his spirit, be laid in a grave.
      3. For he entrusted himself to the one who judges justly (1Pt 2:23)
      4. And he knew that though his work was finished, the story of life had many more acts to come.


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