33 John 20:1-31  So you might believe…

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Sermon outline


Christ has been raised!

The OT anticipated this:

      1. The Book of Job on the need for resurrection (Job 143-14, 19:26, Rom 6:23)
      2. Isaiah on defeating death (Is 25:8, 26:29)
      3. Ezekiel and the valley of dry bones (Ezek 37:3-5)

The Witnesses of Jesus Resurrection (Jn 20)

      1. In order to believe, we need witnesses.
      2. The First Witness: A Female, Mary Magdalene (Mk 16:9, Jn 20:1, 13)
        1. She is commissioned to tell the story (Jn 20:17)
      3. Then there are the male witnesses (11 of them in all over a week’s time)
        1. Then the 10 disciples minus Thomas (Jn 20:19, 21-23)
        2. Finally, a week later Thomas encounters Jesus (Jn 20:29)
      4. All are commissioned to tell the Jesus Story!

The Blessing of Believing in the Risen Lord

Will you believe? (1Cor 15:3-9)


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