34 John 21 Recommissioned – How to live in light of Christ’s Resurrection

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Sermon outline

  1. How should we then live? Love God and Love people. (Mt 22:36-39)
  2. John 21 introductory material
    1. A Later Epilogue and Addition (Jn 21:19)
    2. Setting the Stage (Jn 21:1-14)
    3. Peter Goes fishing (Jn 21:3)
    4. It’s all about revealing Jesus (Jn 21:1, 14)
  3. How should we live?
    1. Remember the 2 commandments – Love God and Love others.
    2. Jesus questions Peter’s Love of God (Jn 21:15)
      1. What/whom do you love most?
      2. Discipleship isn’t easy, it will cost you. (Jn 21:18)
    3. Jesus instructs us to Feed each other
      1. Feed my sheep, Tend my sheep, feed my sheep (Jn 21:15-17)
      2. How can we do this?
        1. The mistake we often make…
        2. What does God envision for them?
  4. Conclusion



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