3Jn 1-8 On Supporting Missionaries

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Sermon Outline 

  1. Supporting missionaries and evangelists is highly important for the Christian life
  2. The Introduction (3Jn 1)
    1. Like 2Jn, The letter is written by “The Elder”
    2. The Recipient
      1. Who was Gaius? (Rom 16:23, 1Cor 1:14, acts 20:4)
      2. Whom is Gaius beloved by?
  3. The Prayer
    1. Before Notice what John prays for Gaius, I want to draw attention to what he assumes first (3Jn 2c)
    2. Now, given that caveat, lets see the specific requests he makes (3Jn 2)
      1. John wants Gaius’ external life to prosper. (Dan 6:4, Lk 16:11)
      2. And that you may be in good health
    3. This is Not a health and wealth prayer. (3Jn 3-4)
  4. On Supporting Missionaries (3Jn 5-10)
    1. Gaius’ actions (3Jn 5)
    2. Hospitality emboldens testimony (3Jn 6)
      1. Our hospitality is a form of love lived out
      2. As Christians we have a calling to be a hospitable people
      3. There is no excuse for failing to be a hospitable people
    3. Hospitality is more than just present need, it includes equipping for future need (3Jn 6-7)
    4. Supporting Missionaries is an Gospel Ought (3Jn 8)
    5. Support is Gospel Partnership (3Jn 8)



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