Kairos Moments – Luke 19:28-44

Bulletin Outline

Luke 19:28-44 The Triumphal Entry: A Kairos Moment

  1. Life is full of Kairos moments
    1. Those moments when one’s response sets the course of one’s future
  2. Background
    1. Context: The parable of the 10 minas (Lk 19:11-27)
    2. Details about the colt
      1. Tied at the entrance of the village (Lk 19:30a)
      2. Never been ridden before (Lk 19:30b)
      3. It is God’s (Lk 19:31, 34)
        1. In service to God, everything is at his disposal!
        2. This is emphasized 2x by the repetition of the story!
  3. The Entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem was a Kairos Moment
    1. The Kairos Moments for the disciples (Lk 19:35-38)
      1. Obedience to the Master’s request (Lk 19:30)
      2. Responding as the Master said (Lk 19:34)
      3. Acts of Worship & Praise (Lk 19:35-38, 1Ki 1:33, Ps 118:22-26, Zech 9:9)
        1. Will you allow yourself to be carried away in worship and praise?
    2. The Kairos Moment for the Pharisees (Lk 19:39-40)
      1. The invitation to worship, is a moment that can change everything for a person.
        1. The disciples found themselves in praise.
        2. The Pharisees found themselves indignant.
      2. At the moment of entry into Jerusalem, there is no one who is neutral. (Ps 2:11)
    3. The Kairos Moment for Jerusalem (Lk 19:41-44) (Josephus’ Wars of the Jews 5:261-378ff)
      1. The city of peace couldn’t recognize what would truly bring her peace.
      2. Tears are in order when people refuse Christ
      3. Jesus only wept over 2 things in Scripture
        1. Death of Lazarus – a close friend lost
        2. Jerusalem – a dear city lost
      4. Judgment for rejection
    4. The Kairos Moment for You and I


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