God of Storms – Jonah 1:9-16

Sermon Outline


  1. God is Actively Involved in our world
  2. God is Judge (Jon 1:3-4)
    1. God is judging the actions of Jonah. (Ps 7:11)
    2. God will judge all the unrepentant (Rev 20:11-15)
  3. God is Discipliner
    1. Discipline is about training people to obedience
    2. God wants us with our heart and mind to not only obey him, but to want to obey him therefore he disciplines us in order to:
      1. Exposes our sin
      2. Warns us about our sin
      3. Save us from our sin
      4. My sin deserves death. (Rom 3:23)
    3. This illustrates a fault in our thinking about discipline
      1. Often we think discipline is retributive – that is aimed at punishing us.
      2. God doesn’t discipline in order to destroy. (Ps 118:18)
      3. God disciplines in order to restore us (Heb 12:10-11, 1Cor 11:32)
      4. Discipline is aimed at repentance (Rev 3:19)
    4. Interesting point we ought to observe here about the discipline of the Lord
      1. Aimed at Jonah, but it involves a lot of people
      2. Sailors, Passengers, Other Ships (Jonah 1:5)
      3. Cargo
      4. Achan and Israel (Josh 7)
      5. God will use whatever means available in order to discipline us,
    5. Are there any storms in your life that God is using to turn your course?
  4. God is Creator
    1. The Sailors pepper Jonah with Questions and their answers (Jonah 1:8-9)
    2. God is the Creator ( 40:28, Rom. 1:25)
  5. God is One worthy of Fear
    1. Fear can be associated with Terror or worship (Jon 1:5, 9, 16)
      1. Irony: While the irreligious sinners are praying, Jonah is sleeping
    2. “I fear the Lord” really?
      1. What kind of fear Jonah? Terror or worship
      2. Jonah has terror and rightly so for his disobedience
      3. b/c Fear associated with Worship breeds:
        1. Walk, love, service, obedience (Dt 10:12-13)
        2. Moral conduct (Exodus 1:17)
        3. Rehearses of the great things of God (1Sam 12:24)
      4. Irony: Sailors worship, Jonah fears
  6. God is One worthy of Worship




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