Hosea and the Marriage Covenant

Sermon Outline

  1. God’s First Messengers to a Wayward People
    1. Elijah and Elisha
    2. Hosea & Amos
    3. Prophets are Men sent by God to speak His heart to His people
      1. Remind the People of Covenant
      2. Decry the ways the covenant is violated
      3. Spell out the Punishment for violation
      4.   Hold out Hope after the punishment
    4.  B/C God’s purpose is to relate to people and build up an obedient, live giving communion of persons on this earth.
  2. Hosea Reminds the People of the Covenant using Marriage Language (3:1, Gen 2:24, Is 62:5, Mal 2:11, Eph 5:25, Rev 19:9)
  3. Hosea decries Idolatry (2:1-2, 4:7-8
  4. Spell out the Punishment for violation
    1. Seek and not Find God (5:1, 16)
    2. No compassion from God (13:14)
  5. Hold out Hope after the punishment
    1. God will woo Israel back (Hos 2:14-23)
    2. He will buy back his wayward wife (hos 3:1-5)
    3. Relationship over Ritual (Hos 6:6)
    4. God Loves his people (Hos 11)
    5. I will heal the nation and the heart of the people (Hos 14:4ff)
  6.  Conclusion – Christ is the compassion of God (Hosea 13:14, 1Cor 15:54-57)



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