Idea Virus #4: Why can’t we just get along? (James 4:1-4, Romans 8:6)


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Sermon Outline


  1. We all long for peace (Prov 18:21)
  2. What is the Origin of all the conflicts in the world?
    1. Simply stated, human desires are. Listen to (James 4:1-4 , Lk 8:14)
    2. Peace is won and secured
      1. through Prayer (Phil 4:6-7)
      2. by self-control (Acts 20:35).
      3. by self-denial.
    3. Let’s take this insight from James and compare it to some of the major WV’s and see how they differ from God’s wisdom in seeking to secure peace.
      1. Happiness leads to virtue
      2. Rejecting Truth leads to peace
        1. War exists because people insist that their truth is THE TRUTH.
        2. Furthermore, the whole premise of rejecting truth leading to peace is at its root a denial of Jesus (Jn 14:6, Eph 2:14, Zech 8:19)
      3. Submitting to Allah leads to peace
      4. Marxism enshrines conflict into the very core of its philosophy
  3. Jesus is our Peace
    1. Peace comes from Jesus (Phil 1:2, Luke 24:36)
    2. For Peace to reign upon the earth, people need the truth of Jesus and the truth of their own sin (1Th 5:23, Heb 13:20-21)
      1. Band aids won’t bring peace
      2. We need new hearts (Ezek 36:26)
      3. We need the Spirit abiding in us so that the things that build peace are internal to us (Rom 8:6, Gal 5:22-23)
    3. The world will never know peace until the world knows Jesus!


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