Psalm 2 – God’s Reign and Rule

Psalm 2 – God’s Reign and Rule

Sermon Outline

  1. The Proper Question to ask of any and all Government and Law
    1. “To what extent does the operation of any given human institution conform to God’s standards at any point in history?”[1]
    2. We ask this question because we believe that God is Reigning!
  2. The Trouble with Governments: They don’t want God to Reign (Ps 2:1-3)
    1. People want to live by their own rules (Ps 2:1)
      1. Rages
      2. Plot in vain (cp Eccl 1:1)
    2. People think they have the power to ignore God (Ps 2:2-3)
      1. Set themselves against (1Sam 17:16)
      2. Counsel together against
      3. Declare their ultimate intentions (Ps 2:3, Judg 16:9)
    3. Numerical superiority isn’t enough
  3. God’s response (Ps 2:4-6)
    1. Laughs, derides, speaks, terrifies and declares his Unequivocal REIGN
    2. Speak and Terrify (Ps 2:5, Rev 6:15-16)
    3. Declaring the Reign of God (Ps 2:6)
  4. The Messiah’s Reign (Ps 2:7-9)
  5. How should governments and nations respond to God? (Ps 2:10-12)
    1. With Wisdom
    2. With Warning
    3. With Devoted, Obedient, Loving Service
      1. Governments like people are called to serve God. (Rom 13)
      2. Kiss of Devotion (Hos 13:2)
      3. Kiss of Obedience (1Sam 10:1, Lk 22:47)
      4. Kiss of Love (Lk 15:20)
  6. A Summary[2]
    1. Law & Govt: God created, not man invented
    2. Law & Govt: God revealed, not man reasoned
    3. Law & Govt: God imposed, not man adopted

[1] Gary North in his introduction to Gary Demar’s Ruler of the Nations: Biblical Blueprints for Government (Dominion Press: Ft. Worth, TX, ©1987), p.ix.

[2] Herbert Titus. Biblical Principles of Law, Chapter 1 – Law and Justice. Section 1 “God’s Law Order”. Published 1987. More about Herbert Titus here:


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