Psalm 5 When words are not enough

Psalm 5 When words are not enough

Sermon Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. When words aren’t enough (Ps 5:1-2)
    1. 3 Sentences and the intensifying parallelism in them
    2. The psalmist is praying to his God and King
  3. Persistence in seeking relief from God (Ps 5:3a)
    1. Hear: a Reason for an assurance of an answer
  4. Expectation of an answer (Ps 5:3b)
    1. God hates evil and evildoers (Ps 5:4-6)
    2. God is gracious (Ps 5:7)
  5. 3 prayers we can pray when words fail us:
    1. Lead me (Ps 5:8)
    2. Punish evildoers (Ps 5:10)
    3. Protect the righteous (Ps 5:11)
  6.  Conclusion:
    1. Pray urgently
    2. Pray persistently
    3. Pray expectantly and
    4. Know That God is gracious
    5. He hates and punishes evil and sin
    6. And He can lead you to quiet waters
    7. And He will restore the joy to a life that is in the pit.


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