Psalm 98 The Marvelous Thing about Christ’s Coming


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Sermon outline


  1. The Wonderful Thing about Tiggers
    1. In A.A. Milne’s great children’s book: Winnie the Pooh’s
    2. On this day after Christmas, there is another book
    3. Historically this is one of the Enthronement Psalms (Ps 93-99)
    4. A Call to Sing (Ps 98:1)
      1. But don’t just sing anything – Sing a new Song.
      2. God is about marvelous things
        1. He does things beyond the realm of our normal comprehension.
        2. He Creates out of nothing (Heb 11:3, Gen 1, Ps 33:6, Is 44:24, Col 1:16)
        3. He made an old woman, Sarah, pregnant (Gen 18:14)
        4. He redeems his people from Egyptian bondage with 10 plagues, called “marvelous things” or wonders in Ex 3:20.
        5. He dries up the Jordan River so his people can enter into Canaan in Josh 3:5
        6. God Incarnates into Human Flesh (Phil 2:7, Mt 1:21-23, Lk 2:11,
      3. This warrants singing, exuberant shouts of joy, acclamations of wonder (Lk 1:46-47, 1:68-69, 2:20, 2:14)
  2. Salvation Revealed (Ps 98:2-3)
    1. God’s salvation, his Son, has been revealed (Heb 1:1-3)
    2. What is amazing is that his salvation and his righteousness are equated (1Cor 1:30)
    3. Not only that but in the incarnation, not only was salvation and righteousness revealed but:
    4. In taking on flesh, God was completing his promises to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David. (Ps 98:3, Gen 12:3, 17:6-8, 2Sam 7:13)
    5. And so we sing, in joyful noise
  3. Today’s Application
    1. We seem to live in a world where it doesn’t look like Jesus is ruling.
    2. But remember Christ is always ruling (Eph 1:20-22)
    3. So,
      1. Entrust yourself to the King of Kings
      2. Worship and exalt him,
      3. Tell others about the marvelous things God has done in Christ and in your own life too.
      4. And then do it all again.


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