The Divine Character of Jesus, Part 1

The Divine Character of Jesus, Part 1 (Ex 34:6-7 and various NT)


Sermon Outline


  1. What does it mean to be divine? (WSC 4, BC 10, 19, Ex 34:6-7)
  2. God is LORD (Jn 6:35, 8:12, Jn 9:35, 10:7-14, 10:30, 11:25, 14;6, 15:1, 16:28, 18:6, Lk 2:14, 22:69, Mt 28:9, 17, Phil 2:10, Heb 1:6)
    1. Significance: We must worship and bow down, giving all honor, glory and praise to Jesus.
  3. God is merciful (Mt 8:2-3 12:20, Isa 42:3, Jam 2:13)
    1. Significance: He is out to bring us life, to build us up, to encourage us and restore the dignity of what it means to be a divine image bearer. He will not cast us away, but will nurture his people to maturity so they can do likewise to others.
  4. God is gracious (Gen 18:22ff, Num 11:14, 14:13, Jn 15:15, 6:63, Phil 2:7-8)
    1. Significance: If Jesus extends grace to rough fisherman, tax collectors, adulterous women then he certainly can and will extend his eyes of compassion upon you, no matter what you have done in your past, or what you are still doing. Come to the gracious God, displayed in Jesus. Come and find a family where you can be safe.
  5. God is slow to anger (Ex 14:11-12, 2 Pt 2:23, 3:9, Jn 21:15-19, Mk 1:13)
    1. Significance: I think you can see the significance. Humans just aren’t this patient, But God is with you and me.
  6. Conclusion

Part 2 of this sermon can be found here.




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