The Gift of the Holy Spirit (Jn 20:19-23)

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Sermon Outline

  1. Have you ever been so anxious and afraid that…
    1. Anxiety and fear are powerful forces,
    2. But it is one thing to tell people not to fear, and quite another thing to live it out.
  2. The Disciples are afraid (Jn 20:19a)
  3. Jesus’ Message to those who are afraid (Jn 20:19b)
    1. First, he comes and stands in their midst
      1. Jesus comes and meets his people where they are.
      2. He comes in order to empower them to change.
    2. Second, he speaks: Peace be with you!
    3. Third, the disciples rejoice! (Jn 20:20)
    4. Fourth He speaks more comfort and hope into a fearful situation
      1. Reiterates Peace (Jn 20:21)
      2. Commission them to go forth into the world (Jn 20:21)
      3. He Breathes on them (Jn 20:22, Ezek 37, Gen 2:7, Gal 5:13)
        1. We receive the Spirit by faith. Simply accepting, and acknowledging…
        2. And when we do receive the Spirit, in comes adoption (Romans 8:15)
          1. In comes understanding (1Cor 2:12)
          2. In comes power in mission (acts 1:8)
          3. In comes peace!
          4. In comes the ability to forgive
        3. Power to bring Forgiveness (Jn 20:23)
          1. Do we have the power to withhold forgiveness from others in the eternal realms?
          2. But we preach as empowered by the Holy Spirit
          3. We bring forgiveness and withhold it by the declaring and sharing of Christ with others or lack thereof that we do.
  4. The Gift of the Spirit is a wonderful benefit of being in Christ
    1. The Spirit actually makes all of life possible, easier, more productive.
    2. Pentecost is all about this wonderful present
    3. Either way – the point is clear –
      1. We can be bold,
      2. we can do ministry,
      3. we can forgive and bring forgiveness
      4. we can have peace because the Spirit has been given to each and every believer
    4. Will you receive the gift and live into the truth of this new relationship and its power for a world awaits?


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