When we encounter Jesus…

When we encounter Jesus…

Sermon Outline

1John 1:1-4, 2:1, 2:12-14 When we encounter Jesus

  1. 1John is more like a narrative than a logical
  2. Who wrote 1 John?
  3. Why did he write it?
    1. Because he had experienced something profoundly personal and life transforming
      1. Personal Sensory experience (1Jn 1b-d, 2b, 3a)
      2. We versus I (1Jn 1:1-4)
      3. Theological reflection (1Jn 1:1a)
      4. How is your personal experience with Jesus?
    2. Because he wanted others to know about eternal life (1Jn 1:2)
    3. Because he wanted to have fellowship with others in Christ (1Jn 1:3b)
    4. Because his joy depended on it (1Jn 1:4)
    5. Because he wanted others to have the comfort of forgiveness (1Jn 2:1)
    6. Because he wanted to encourage the church (1Jn 2:12-14)
  4. Conclusion


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