Omak mission trip – Day 1

Day 1 and everyone arrived safely. We are in 4 teams plus the kitchen help. Team 1 went to work at a weeklong garage sale that is closing down from supplying relief to distressed families. $20 got you an apple box sized box to fill with as much as you could get into it. Team 2 is painting and caulking a home about 75 min from here. Teams 3 & 4 are both fencing. One team is 90 minutes from here high in the mountains with an older couple who has lived off the grid for 30+ years. They are fencing to keep cattle out of there land from the free range. Very rocky and steep hillside to work on.  Our team is working on the Colville Reservation about 25 minutes from here doing 4 strand barbed wire fencing. A lot of repair work yesterday, new corners and metal posts and rest re-stretching wire. Then there are the cooks. Bless their souls.


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