July Day2Pray

Hope in Christ’s

Wednesday, July 6th


  • Please pray for the Hispanic churches for a spirit of unity, evangelism, and discipleship to the 15,000 Hispanics in our county.
  • For a great relationship and partnership between our Christian schools and our local churches.
  • Pray for Hope in Christ’s Vitality and  Renewal process.


  • Pray that our government would return to its founding and a constitutional form of government.


  • Pray for numbers of men in prayer of Whatcom Co. to multiply. They are the key to bringing marriages, families, churches, etc. into kingdom alignment.


  • Pray for Peace Health to continue to support the sanctity of life, opposing abortion.
  • For Christian health care professionals to gather together in prayer.
  • Pray for a leader for the Health Sphere in our Day2Pray strategy.


  • Pray that the pockets of prayer at WWU would be attended by faculty, staff, students and campus ministry leaders.


  • Pray for collaboration amongst business leaders to spur on economic growth.
  • For Technology Alliance Group, a non-profit supporting growth of the technology industry in Whatcom County. Please pray for wisdom and provision for their upcoming conference in the fall.


  • Pray for the right people to join a county-wide worship recording project, “One Voice”. Four to twelve artists are needed to write and record a song.


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