Communication Muscles & Workshop Notes

Communication Muscles & Workshop Notes

None of us want to look like the Incredible Hulk.  Green, angry and a bad sense of style.  But what if, like the Hulk, we had the ability to perform amazing feats because we knew had the Muscles of Communication we needed in order to touch the hearts, heads or emotions of those around us with the Love and Grace and Truth of Jesus Christ?  That would be great.  Well this past weekend, we had a great conference  in our Vitality Pathway learning about the 4 main Communication Muscles that we each have: Direct, Narrative, Logical and Empathetic. Some of us rely on one muscle more than the others, but we all need to be developing each and every muscle so that we can grow in our ability to bring the gospel, show the gospel and speak the gospel to others.incredible-hulk-1527199_640

I appreciate everyone who gave of their time to attend and share your thoughts.  it wasn’t easy hearing how our communication style tends to rub others the wrong way, but as Tena said, How can we love them better if we don’t understand how we aren’t loving them.  But we also need to understand the strengths that our muscles bring and learn when is the appropriate time to use a different muscle than the one we default to regularly.  We would look pretty funny with sting bean legs and forearms, but had biceps the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger.  So don’t just forget about the weekend, review your notes, and think about how to grow some new muscles to add to your existing ones.

The Vitality Team will be meeting next Wednesday, September 28, to talk about the conference and any next steps we can take to keep working at improving our communication.  In the meanwhile, for those who asked to get a copy of all the work each group did about there our style’s strengths, weaknesses, secrets and difficulties with others,

Here is a pdf of the pages:



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