Bulletin – Week of December 25, 2016

Bulletin – Week of December 25, 2016

The best way to celebrate the greatest gift to humankind is to gather and thank our loving Creator. We rejoice in your presence today.

 Message: God’s Glory Alone

 Scripture: Luke 2:8-20

 Offering: General Fund

 December 25, 2016

 Prayer Requests:

This week we are asked to pray for Herm and Ali Laninga, Carmen Larsen, Arbadella McAlister, Linda McConnaughey, Dan and Tanya Obbink and their children, Lisa Oppenhuizen. Suggestions for prayers would be for their spiritual growth, opportunities to see Christ in their everyday life, and anything else that God puts on your mind for them.

We lift up Pastor John and Jean Van Hemert in prayer as they grieve over the loss of their daughter Joy. Information regarding her memorial service is not yet available. Cards may be sent to their Florida address listed in the church directory.


The Lord’s Supper, which we celebrate today, is a way for the Christian to remember the sacrifice of Christ. If you have not yet believed in Christ as Savior, we invite you to watch and learn. We are glad you are here! If you have questions about Jesus, please see Pastor Scott after the worship service. The bread we use is allergen free and contains no wheat, dairy, nuts or soy. However, it may contain egg.

Our service next Sunday will be a Service of Consecration. The monthly sermon topics with scripture are listed each month in the Heartbeat. We will also be celebrating the Lord’s Supper next Sunday.

Pick up a copy of the year-end financial statement this morning. Thank you to Dan Obbink for putting together the statement.

Articles and calendar notices need to be sent to the church office prior to Thursday, Dec. 29th.

Coming in January for the 30th year, Calvin College presents the 2017 January Series – the award-winning free liberal arts education delivered in 15 weekday sessions. This year the series begins on Jan. 4 and continues through Jan. 24 from 9:30-10:30 a.m. PST with topics ranging from re-imagining healthcare, closing the gender gap in technology, global poverty and violence, vocation and calling, race and reconciliation, and so much more by top experts in their fields. Join the conversation by watching the live feed at Lynden Third CRC Youth House. For more information about the speakers, topics, remote sites and listening options, visit the website at www.calvin.edu/january.

Servants Next Sunday, January 1: Greeters: Joe and Barb Zylstra; Snacks: Mona Reardon and Darlys Recker; Serving Assistants: Grace, Zeke, Kylie, Clara; Ushers: Len Vander Woude and Lou Kooistra; Prayer Room: Connie Knutson; Sunday school: Darlys Recker and Ida Richards; Children and Worship: Jen Roberts and Amber Obbink.

If you have one of the jars distributed by the GEMS, please return it next Sunday so the money may be sent to the Esther School. The GEMS will be distributing jars this next year for you to put your extra change in, which will be sent to the Esther School that the club supports.

Anyone who wishes to participate on the worship team vocals, instrumentalists, sound, or power point are asked to contact Melissa Koning as she is working on a new schedule and this would be a great time to join.

The Council is looking for volunteers to be on the Admin Bldg. remodeling project steering committee. This committee will help plan, estimate and organize the project. Please contact Michael Boer for more information.

Share God’s “Best Gift Ever” with people in need by following Jesus into the lives of the poor through the World Renew 2016-2017 Gift Catalog. Have fun together, giving gifts that are meaningful and powerful in this world and the next by enabling people who live in scarcity to embrace the fullness that God intends. Check out the gift catalog at worldrenewgifts.net, or call (800) 333-8300 to get your printed copy.

The Sea to Sea Bicycle Tour is looking for 35 more registered riders by the end of December. Kitchen volunteers are also needed. Are you one? Whether you are up for the full coast-to-coast ride or you prefer to join for part of the trip, Sea to Sea is for everyone with a heart for service and a sense of adventure. To register or for more information, call (888) CRC-BIKE.



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