Scriptures on the Glory of God

Scriptures on the Glory of God



God’s Salvation is his glory

  • Ps 79:9


The Glory of the Lord can be visible

  • You will see the glory of the Lord, after grumbling about manna only (Ex 16:7, 10)
  • It settles upon Mt. Sinai at the giving of the Law (Ex 24:16)
  • It looked like a consuming fire (Ex 24:17)
  • Moses sees the back of the glory of God (Ex 33:22)
  • After Aaron begins his formal priestly ministry, the glory of God appears to all the people (Lev 9:23)
  • Creation displays God’s glory, God himself declares that “his glory fills the whole earth” (Num 14:21, Ps 19:1, Isa 6:3)
  • At temple dedication glory fills the temple (2Chr 7:1-3)
  • Christ is the visible glory of God (Isa 40:3-5, Jn 1:14, Heb 1:3)


Result of Seeing God’s glory and disobeying

  • Not allowed to see the land of promise for disobeying and testing in the desert (Num 14:23)
  • Korah and his clan are swallowed up, or consumed by fire (Num 16:19, 31-35)
  • Presence of God is withdrawn, slavery, defeat (1Sam 4:21ff)


Results of Seeing God’s glory and obeying

  • Life (Dt. 5:24)
  • Heb 2:9


Commanded to give Glory to God

  • Achan is called to give glory by confession of sin (Josh 7:9)
  • Declare his glory, i.e his marvelous deeds (Ps 96:3)


Titles for God

  • Glory of Israel (1Sam 15:29) [netzach – suggesting unchangeable, worshipped one…]
  • King of Glory (Ps 24:7) [related to his strength, might and battle fighting]
  • God of Glory (Acts 7:2)
  • 1Cor 2:8 Jesus is “the lord of glory” (See 2Cor 4:6)
  • Col 1:27 Christ is the ‘hope of Glory”


Commands to give him glory

  • Glory in his holy name, i.e. rejoice (1Chr 16:10)
  • Declare his glory, i.e. marvelous deeds (1Chr 16:24)
  • Ascribe glory and strength (1Chr 16:28)
  • Ascribe the glory due his name, i.e. worship, sacrifice to him (1Chr 16:29)
  • Eat and drink to glory of God (1Cor 10:31)


God gives glory to men

  • Is in the sense of value and worth (Ps 3:3)
  • Men crowned with glory and honor and made rulers of creation (Ps 8:5-6)


Misc. Scriptures

  • Ex 14:4, 17-18 God promises to “gain glory for myself” when Egypt attacks Israel and is defeated
  • Ex 15:11 God is described as “majestic in holiness, awesome in Glory, working wonders”
  • 1Chr 29:11 everythign is God’s, he is head over all
  • Ps 29:2 There is glory due God’s name
  • Ps 113:4 God’s glory is greater than all creation
  • Ps 115:1 b/c God’s love and faithfulness glory to be given to His name
  • Is 42:8 I will not give my glory to another
  • Is 43:7 we are created for God’s glory
  • Hab 2:14
  • Jn 15:8 Being Jesus’ disciple brings the Father glory
  • Jn 17:4 Jesus dying, living perfectly gloriefied God
  • Rom 1:23 glory of the immortal God (uncreated one)
  • Rom 3:23 we all fal short of the glory of God (perfection/holiness)
  • Rev 21:23 The glory of God gives light


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