“Speak to him strongly and directly; don’t be afraid.” This is what Pastor “Abraham” heard from the Lord before he led an ISIS fighter to Christ.

The ISIS fighter, Fadi, had been in the area recruiting Muslims to come to Syria to fight for ISIS, when several people in the refugee camps where he was recruiting told him of a Christian trying to get them to convert. This news infuriated the ISIS man. He decided to kill Abraham.

Abraham had been threatened many times before as he shared boldly with Sunni Muslims crossing the border from Syria. But the threats towards his family were becoming more frequent and more serious. For several months, he had been dealing more and more with internal fear. He knew of no better way to combat that fear than to pray and ask the Lord for strength. But the fear persisted.

One day, he was working outside his house with an electrical saw. As he used it, the blade suddenly popped off and caught him in the mouth. Had the blade hit him a few inches lower, it could have hit an artery in his throat. It if had been a few inches higher, it could have blinded him. As he stood in shock for a moment bleeding, he heard the Lord speak to him internally, saying: “I am in control of when your life will end. Stop being scared.”

At that moment, Abraham’s fears were calmed.

So when Fadi the ISIS fighter appeared walking toward Abraham’s home to kill him, Abraham was ready. He heard the Lord say in his spirit: “Speak to him strongly and directly; don’t be afraid.”

Abraham said to him boldly, “The Qu’ran is from Satan, Mohammad is the prophet of Satan, and the God of Islam is Lucifer himself.”

At these words, Fadi began shaking uncontrollably. Abraham came beside him, and told him, “God is here beside you now, and He is putting his hand on your shoulder, asking you, ‘What do you want?’”

“I want salvation,” Fadi replied.

“Jesus will forgive you sins,” Abraham told him. Fadi began to weep, and Abraham prayed with him before he left.

A week later, Fadi came to Abraham’s home again. He wanted to tell Abraham about a dream he’d had. In the dream, Abraham gave Fadi an envelope, and the envelope had blood pouring out of it. Abraham told Fadi in the dream, “Don’t be afraid, this blood is good.” Fadi was afraid the dream meant either he or Abraham were going to die.

Instead, Abraham told Fadi about Jesus’s blood that paid for our salvation and forgave our sins.

Four months ago, Fadi was baptized in front of Abraham’s church. He continues to come to Abraham for discipleship. He also won his wife to the Lord, and he is bolding sharing his faith in the Syrian refugee camp he is now living in.


Posted: April 17, 2017
Updated: April 19, 2017
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